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I need emergency help with bills

janejane started this conversation

I am a mother of four with a husband who was recently reactivated by the army. I was unable to keep my job and do not have daycare to work. I need emergency assistance with rent and bills.

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I am a mother of 3 with a husband who has brain cancer our electricity just got cut off, our bill is over $1000, all of our food just got ruined, our water bill is behind over $100, our car is about to break down, we have a cat we cant feed anymore, we cant pay rent, we are behind on that too, my husband has a job and has to pay for gas because he is a delivery driver and at $4 a gallon its killing us, we have gotten all the loans we can get and paid all of our tax check out on bills and are still behind i just dont know what to do we need help asap. please anything helps
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mom of five lil ones
hi there to all who are reading and looking to help i am a mom of five lil ones and in great need of assistance in staying afloat im not on anytype of assistance just stay home mom currently trying to make it good for my children im behing on rent and bills could use some assistance in these if there is anyone out there looking to for real help i am in need for real i asked sevral people to help and have recieved nothing yet i am worried it will be to late and we loose out home because i fell behind on bills when my youngest got really sick after being born and was put in hospital for sometime we lost our van in that process so we have been walking everywhere because the van would cost more to fix then just buy somthing else used and hope for the best but that to did not work out for having a string of bad luck and just need a lift up if anyone could help me at all that would be great u can email me thanks so much for reading and i do hope to hear back from someone well i am praying i hear from someone soon before its to late.
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 in response to NoSeeUmRuby...   thank you
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 in response to zman57...   zman57,
click on the first tab on the left for community services, best of luck

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wife had 6 surgeries and we fell behind trying to catch up but its hard with 4 kids and one only working fixing to get a dissconection notice but cant find help so what can i do
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hi my name is erica....i need help asap before my son and my family become homless. This is not fake....i really need help. if u can help me pay my bills u can reach me at 480-205-9962!!!! My bills are due on the !st...i pray the lord sends someone my way.....Thanks...and i would love for everyone to keep me in their prayers and ask the lord to give me strength to not give up.
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i am unemployed with a 2 year old daughter and i barely make enough to pay my rent and have recieved my 2nd shutoff notice with pseg i need emergency help for my pseg to avoid shut off please someone help.........
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 in response to lisa22v...


This is the website for the Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP).  I’ll keep looking for resources to help you with rent.


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 in response to lisa22v...   Give me a little while to look into some resources that may be able to help you.
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 in response to lisa22v...   look for plasma donation in your area and also teaching hospitals or tech/ medical schools if they pay volunteers to have dental work done...etc... also if you want to make money from at home search virtual customer service or phone actress....good luck im in a simular situation but no husband and staying at abusive moms house w 3 kids.
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I am a single mother with 2 kids. I just lost my job and I don't know how to pay my rent. I can barely feed my kids please someone help me
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I have a family of 4 my husband doesn't have a job right now and my grandmother passed away and i have got behind on bills and rent for the time of. my brother rents a room from me but lost his job 2 weeks ago. I need help asap. what do i do
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I have had so much bad luck regarding employment. I am trying everyday to find a good job. I need some help by Monday to pay my electric bill. It is $1470 and they want it all because did not pay budget bill on time and had returned checks. Can anyone out there help me before Monday June 20th 2011. I will repay back, I just don't have money now. Thank you and God Bless!
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 in response to precious101...   I'm so sorry to hear of your situation - I live in PA as well, & I know for a fact that if you call PECO & explain the situation to them, stressing the fact that your boys have asthma & that they they need the air conditioning/electricity for medical reasons, they WILL NOT turn off your electricity.
I wish you much luck and blessings...
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i am a mother of three i just found out my husband has a drug problem and i need help with my electric bill be fore they shut it off my boys have asthma and i need my electric to remain on please help
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 in response to Ne-Ne2011...   I have a water bill that is due on 4/22/11 and i just dont know what to i am so stressed out i could almost cry thats just how bad it is for me can anybody out there give me a solution.
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I am a single mom just down on my luck rite now and need help,Had a job but got laid off in Feb.Now i have a bill that needs to be paid and i just dont have any resorces out there that i know of that could help.
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I am a single mom with a daughter and a grandson and a sick mom with cancer and got laid off from work and i need help paying a water bill and asking what can i do?
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can i get help...i live with my daughter who is unempolyed,my 17 yearold granddaughter who has medical issues and her dad who works on and off part time cut hours...myself i work full time and my fiance who is disable /vet...i can not afford the dues they wps is asking for a deposit of 1500+1500 for past due...omgoodness. please help me...disconnection 4/7.
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During September, I first saw my mother struggling. By then we had our car reposed and my mother couldn’t afford to pay the layaway for my school clothes. I didn’t think that my clothes were big deal because I work 25 to 30 hrs a week, and I could buy clothes with my paycheck. I then started to give my mom 45$ a month to keep her phone on , so I could talk to her more , considering she works 5 to 6 days a week , sometimes pulls a double shift , and goes to school full time , plus I also work . My mom is the most hardworking person I know. She doesn’t get even half of what she deserves.
Recently we got a water bill in the mail for 1500$ we found out that there was a leak causing more than enough water every time we take a shower or flush a toilet. There is no way my mom could afford that; we can’t even afford a car. Well my mom started putting money in the bank for the bill, paying it little by little. They cut it off eventually. Well someone turned it on illegally without my mom knowing, she didn’t even know it had been cut off. Well a couple weeks went by and our water got cut off again. This time until the bill is completely paid off. My mom got another letter in the mail from the water company saying all her accounts from the bank had been frozen including mine and my brother’s account, because my mother’s name is on it. They took every last bit of money we had. Including the 92 cent in my brothers account, and the 60$ in my savings. There was over 600 $ in my mother’s account to pay for other bills including the rent, and lights, etc.
I’m terrified this Christmas won’t be a happy Christmas. I’m not asking for any thing from my mother because I know she can’t afford anything right now. All I want for Christmas is for her to be happy. I want to help her all a can, but obviously I cant help her much. Our life is continuously going downhill, and we need as much help as possible.

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